Best poker books. Secrets of professional players

If you are a user who not only wants to enjoy the game of poker, but also earn on it, then you should learn a little more about the intricacies of the game, and you can do this through reading books about poker. A lot of professional players go through a stage where they want to pass on their knowledge to someone else and they start creating their own books in which they reveal all the tricks and secrets that they have learned themselves so that the next generation of players can begin to understand the game faster. 

Poker is not just a game, it hides mathematical, psychological and strategic tricks that are not visible on the surface and only after years of experience you can come to them. So that you do not spend so much time on this, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the best already published books on poker, as well as advice from players who have spent half of their lives in this game. This will help you to adapt to poker and start earning money faster. 

Top 10 poker books in 2023 

Below you can get acquainted not only with modern books about poker, but also with those that take their place on the bookshelves for 10 or even 20 years, but even today have not lost their relevance. Each of them will be available for you to purchase as in a bookstore, as well as to familiarize with it online, or by downloading it to your device. 

Doyle Brunson’s “Supersystem.”

You can hardly call it a book, to be more precise it is a textbook that was published in 1978. The author of this work is not just an ordinary poker player, but a professional who won 10 WSOP bracelets during his entire playing career. Many who have already read this book call it “The Poker Blible”, so if you want to understand everything in the game of poker, this book is the right one for you to read. 

Andrew Seidman “The Easy Game” 

Each person forms a different concept of how a sum of money is small. So, Andrew Seidman states that by playing poker you can earn very little. But “a little” in this understanding, it is about 100 dollars an hour, while playing poker. This book will present two of his strategies that will help you earn as little as Andrew does. More specifically, you will learn the basic strategy and more advanced concepts. And you’ll be able to apply them to your game when you’re ready. 

David Sklansky, Ed Miller “No-Limit Hold’em. Theory and Practice.” 

Skdansky is one of the most famous names you can associate with poker, David has already written 12 books on poker, even though he co-authored this one with Miller. In this book you will learn how to apply probability theory to poker strategies, as well as how to easily understand when to bluff, how to use it correctly and how to negotiate with your opponents. 

David Sklansky, “Poker Theory.” 

Since we’ve mentioned before that Sklansky has far more than one book on poker, here’s another example of his brilliant work. It was written back in 1976, yet it remains just as indispensable in 2023. His book is the foundation and basis for the rules of poker. The book introduces you to its types and concepts. Since the book is basic, it is worth reading more serious literature after reading it. Another reason why many players start their introduction to poker literature with this author is that he has three World Series of Poker gold bracelets, and who better to learn how to play poker from than a professional? 

Peter Arnold, “Lessons in Win-Win Poker.”

This book will suit both beginners and professional poker players, because the author discusses all the subtleties and tricks of the game, revealing the essence of the game to his readers. The book is written in a very correct structure: from easy to difficult, so it is recommended to read it step by step. Although it was published in 2010, its relevance has not been lost even nowadays, and it is always a leader in sales. 

John Enholt, “Flawless Poker” 

The author created his book in 2014, where he shatters the professional approach to the gambling game “poker”. But one of the peculiarities of his book is that the author does not impose his strategy of the game on the players, but helps to develop his individuual one. John says that “Learning to play Hold’em is easy, but showing stable results is difficult, but discipline and a professional approach will help. 

David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth “Hold’em Poker for Experienced Players”

Another book by this author that is as successful as all of his other books, however, there is more information here for those who are already at least somewhat familiar with the game of poker and are ready to play at medium and high limits. This book will not focus on a particular strategy, but will cover all aspects of poker. The authors of the book are 

experienced players and therefore have transferred a lot of their knowledge into this book. 

Dan Harrington, Bill Roberti ” Cash by Harrington” 

Not every professional player can write quality material for a book so that the reader can understand everything, that’s why professional poker player Harrington asked the famous writer Roberti to help him and together they managed to create several volumes with invaluable information that is properly presented and very easy to understand. The authors shared their secrets for optimal play in different stacks, lineups, and positions at the cash table.

Vadim Markushevsky “Secrets of Poker. Learning to win.” 

Do not be frightened by the fact that this author writes in Russian, on the Internet you can find a translation of his invaluable work. The author of the book on his own example broke down by example, everything you need to know a beginner. The author himself won 1 million dollars playing poker. In the book, everything is very structured and well written, so all the strategies that you will come to your liking you can immediately try out in poker immediately after reading. 

Pavel Nazarevich “A Guide to Building a Bankroll” 

Pavel Nazarevich proved by his own example that a starting bankroll of $100 is enough to beat micro-limits and win a five-figure sum. This book will be very helpful for beginners, because bankroll is a really sensitive topic, which is not liked by many professional players with a worldwide reputation. 

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Further reading 

There is a huge variety of manuals that are suitable for beginners, because they are collected advice from players who really know their business, below will be presented a few more authors on which you should pay attention and then the game of poker will open for you from new sides.

  • Ed Miller “Hold’em for Beginners”
  • Chuck Clayton “Mastering the Mathematics of Poker”.
  • Chris Moorman “Moorman on Poker” 
  • Nathan William’s “Hitting the Micro Limits.”
  • Phil Gordon, “The Little Green Book.” 
  • Bill Chen “The Math of Poker”

This work contains all the important tips that will help beginners adapt faster and play on the same level as each of these authors and maybe, later on, write their own.