Online casino licensing

One of the most important issues that is closely related to online casinos is getting a license for bookmakers. Basically what is it for? It’s simple, the license is an indicator that the bookmaker legally operates and provides its services in the field of online gambling entertainment. Online casino is not the first day on the market, and if initially users did not pay attention to whether there is a license or not, these days it is one of the main points that pay attention to potential players. And now, almost every bookmaker is trying to get a license. As soon as the user sees that the office operates legally, he automatically becomes a regular user more willingly and is imbued with trust. 

Why do bookmakers need a license 

At the heart of obtaining a license for online entertainment is the settlement of the relationship between the bookmaker and the customer. The license is a guarantee that any conflict situation will be resolved objectively, and the client, in case of anything, will not doubt that fraudulent actions could have been committed against him. 

The most important reason for obtaining a license is related to the fact that you entrust your money to the bookmaker, and they are responsible for them, and in general, any issues that relate to finance always have a separate level, so have high risks. If the bookmaker has a gambling license, then all issues of monetary nature will be resolved at the level of official authority and that the decision on them will be made in accordance with the current legislation. 

If the bookmaker starts to solve the issue arbitrarily, it will very quickly lose the license, so it becomes extremely unprofitable to violate the conditions. Permission for online entertainment for each country is different and is determined individually. 

Having at least one license gives a huge advantage in the market. It also shows the user how responsible to its activities. In general, licensed casinos are described as fair payments and stable work in the market. 

On these websites, the rights of customers are defended by the license holder. If a player has a complaint about the performance of the casino, he can appeal to the regulator, who has the authority to render a decision that is binding on all parties to the conflict.

Who is in charge of issuing a license 

The most famous licenses include only a couple of licenses: Curacao, Malta and Great Britain. In addition to the fact that someone is trying to get at least one license, some bookmakers manage to get several at once and successfully cope with this, and this promotes them in the rating table an order of magnitude higher. Plus, the audience is as loyal as possible. Some players are fundamentally looking for a bookmaker with the license they need, because each of them has different criteria for obtaining. The most valuable among users is the UK license, although the others are also worthy of attention. Due to the fact that the license gives a significant advantage, and not everyone can get it, some companies try to get the simplest, but such licenses can not guarantee you anything and most likely your data is unlikely to be safe. For example, a vivid representative of low-quality licenses are some master licenses, which Curacao gave the right to issue them. They do not meet quality standards and many who receive them only formally have a license, but do not comply with any norms that are prescribed there. But do not think that all those who have such licenses are dishonest with regard to customers, many bookmakers remain honest and all games are conducted fairly.

Differences between Curaçao, Malta and UK licenses

Differences between Curaçao, Malta and UK licenses

Below is more information about each of the licenses that have been mentioned above so that you can sort out which criteria really matter to you. 


This is one of the most common licenses among bookmakers, this can be explained by the fact that it is quite easy to obtain. This license gives permission for all the games that the bookmaker provides at once, including sports betting, slots and slot machines. This license is very quick to obtain and has minimal requirements, which is extremely beneficial for bookmakers. 

UK license 

If the bookmaker you have chosen has this license, then do not hesitate, the site is definitely not cheating and meets all standards. It is very hard to get such a license, because the UK monitors the implementation of literally every point in the verification. On the platform you can even find all the documents on the results of the checks, and this in turn gives a very strong guarantee. 


To obtain this license bookmakers also have to work hard, because there are too many criteria that must be met. Also when checking the site is audited, which puts an independent assessment, which you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with. This license has an almost impeccable reputation, as even after the issuance of the license is constantly monitored for fraudulent activities. One of the disadvantages for the bookmaker is the high tax charges, however, for the sake of obtaining this license, they are ready for them. 

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