Baccarat in online casinos

When it comes to gambling, we can say with full confidence that many people love this activity, as it is a great way to spend your free time, and even win a lot of money. Online casinos offer tons of great games, including poker, slots, blackjack, table games and much more. Of course, one of these games is baccarat.

Baccarat is a fairly simple but very interesting game. Just like poker or blackjack, this online casino game also has several ways to improve your skill and start winning more money. Once you have familiarized yourself with the information below you will be playing almost on par with professional users. 

Rules of baccarat 

Before we talk about the strategies and tips you can use when playing baccarat, we would like to break down the rules of the game. 

When playing baccarat, you can bet on either the player or the banker. The aim of the game is to get your cards as close to 9 as possible without going over. For example, you place a bet of 50 $ on the player. If you get a 9 or get a combination of cards that is higher than the banker’s – congratulations, you win. In baccarat you can also bet on the banker, meaning if you get a worse combination than the banker, you still win. You can also bet on a draw, which means that you win if both you and the banker get the same combination. Last but not least, you can bet on the player or banker getting a pair, such as two fours.

Baccarat Strategies

Now that we have covered the rules of baccarat, it is time to talk about the strategies that you can use. Each of them is proven and will definitely help you not just play, but win: 

The D’Alembert System

With this strategy, you take a certain base unit, for example, a chip worth 1 $. Each time you lose your bet, you increase your next bet by 1 $. For example, you placed a bet of 5 $ and lost, so your next bet should be 6 $. If that bet also loses, then you place a bet of 7 $ and so on. However, if you win, you lose 1 $. 

Do not bet on a draw

As simple as it sounds, you should forbid yourself from betting on a draw. This is because, despite the high odds on a draw, the probability that you or the banker will actually get a draw is very low, and you will lose a little bit of money every round because of this bet

Betting with the banker

All experienced baccarat players use this strategy because it is straightforward and at the same time very effective. Firstly, betting with the banker gives you the highest possible chance of winning as the payout percentage is 98.94%. This means that if you place 100 bets at 1 $, you will return 98.94 $;

Using these simple strategies, you will quickly get the most out of your baccarat game and collect your well-deserved winnings. 

Tips for Playing Baccarat at Online Casinos

Tips for Playing Baccarat at Online Casinos

When playing baccarat in online casinos, it would definitely be meaningful to use various tips and tricks that can help you get a better profit without much effort. These tips are:

Use bonuses and promotions

Most online casinos provide their players with impressive bonuses and promotions which are crafted specifically for playing casino games such as baccarat. For example, the welcome bonus of the online casino may give you additional money for gambling, whereas free bets will allow you to place some baccarat bets without the need to spend your own personal money;

Play baccarat in live mode

Baccarat is a game where psychological contact is key, as you may understand whether the banker has a good hand by looking at his emotions. Of course, bankers are professionally trained to hide emotions, but since betting on baccarat in live mode allows you to communicate with the banker, it means that you can try different methods for catching the banker off-guard, which will help you better understand whether you have a chance of winning a round or not;

Use a mobile app

Most online casinos provide their players with a mobile application. At first, it may seem unnecessary, but in reality, it will help you get a better profit. The thing is, from time to time, online casinos are increasing the winnings from baccarat bets on purpose to lure more players into the game, and this is a profitable opportunity, but since you don’t have access to your PC, you may lose this opportunity. This is where the mobile app comes in, as it fixes the problem easily.

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Is baccarat a good option for beginners?

Yes. Baccarat has very simple and intuitive rules which can be learned in a matter of minutes, therefore, it is suitable for players of all skill levels.

What baccarat variations are there?

Depending on the software provider that offers the games, you may play classic baccarat, jackpot baccarat, deluxe baccarat etc. The difference in them is the bet amounts and winnings.

Can there be a draw in baccarat?

Yes, there may be a possibility that you and the banker will get hands of equal value. In that case, your bet will simply be returned to you and you won’t lose anything.