Rules of roulette at online casinos

In the world of online casinos you can find a huge variety of gambling games, but players pay special attention to such a variety – such as roulette. Roulette is a game where you are given a wheel on which there are red and black sectors, as well as one – green, a total of 36 such sectors. The player needs to bet on a certain category, on the color that the ball will fall, or a number: even or odd. After the player has chosen an object for betting, the croupier starts the spinning wheel, after it stops – you can determine who won. 

Roulette game sequence 

Below you can read the list, where the sequence of actions in the game is clearly described, it will help you navigate through the game and understand what chances of winning you will have in the end. 

  1. Croupier asks players to place a bet. 
  2. Players decide what they are betting on and inform the croupier of their choice. 
  3. The croupier starts the wheel and tosses the ball on it, at this time the players still have the opportunity to change or place a bet if they have not had the chance to do so before. 
  4. Once a certain moment has passed, the croupier announces that no more bets are accepted. 
  5. A certain number and color falls out, the bets that were played incorrectly go to the account of the one who correctly guessed where the ball will fall. 
  6. After that the winnings are paid out. 

Some subtleties of roulette rules 

While you are betting you need to follow some unspoken rules, which you can read below, they will help you not to make the wrong choice and make the most correct bet. 

  • Do not get distracted from the process of the game, because when the ball is thrown on the wheel you still have the opportunity to change the bet already made or make a new one 
  • Acceptance of bets is open only when the croupier informs about it, if you miss the moment when you can bet, do not argue and do not try to cheat. 
  • The nature and size of the bet is determined only during the breaks between launches.
  • Think several times before making a bet and listen to your intuition. 

Observing these simple points roulette game can bring you the necessary pleasure and in most cases, winning. 

Types of online rolls 

Types of online rolls 

Since roulette is one of the most famous games for online entertainment, there are several varieties so that users can choose which variation suits them best. 

French Roulette 

This type of roulette is considered to be one of the very first, however, still the most actively used.  Here you should pay attention to the table, which you choose because each fixed its minimum and maximum limits. In order to preserve the atmosphere of the game, as well as justify the direction of this roulette, some bookmakers keep the names of bets in French, but if you need a translation – you will provide it. 

European roulette 

There are not so many differences from the French version of the game, but there are still some. For example, here the bets are made with larger amounts, rather than the minimum. Here the tokens will be of the price categories that are assigned to the bookmaker you have chosen. 

American roulette 

Here you will encounter several zero numbers: double zero and simple zero. The very placement of numbers in American roulette is not the same as in the two previous ones. Here at one gaming table can be present at once voy, or even three dealers, it all depends on how many participants joined the online roulette game. During the game are used price chips, and for bets multicolored tokens, for each player is allocated its own color. Some players can ask the dealer to bet for them, which gives them a better chance of winning.

As well as the basic variants of roulette you can find other varieties, for example, there will be additional cells, unusual slots and bonus rounds of the game. 

Strategies for playing roulette

It’s no secret all of us want to win as much as possible when playing roulette. And luckily, there is a way to do so, which is to use strategies related to roulette betting. They are:

Use the Martingale strategy

The Martingale strategy implies that you double the amount of the second bet if the first bet loses, or reduce the amount of the second bet by half if the first bet wins. This not only allows you to improve your chances of profiting, but also lets you keep a good control of your bankroll;

Use mobile apps

From time to time, online casinos are providing better conditions for playing roulette for a certain amount of time, for example, a few hours. In these hours, the odds for the bets will be increased, therefore, you will be able to win more. However, you may lose this opportunity if you don’t have a mobile application, therefore, make sure to always keep a mobile app of your casino with you, so that you can play roulette no matter where you are.

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