Everything you need to know about freespins at online casinos - from activation to wagering

Bookmakers these days can be found in huge numbers and of course, because of the great competition, each of them is trying to attract as much attention as possible. One of such ways are considered bonus programs, which have one of the most profitable offers – freespins. In short, freespins are spins that you can make without using your money, it is literally a gift from the bookmaker. If you win on such spins, you can withdraw the won funds or continue playing, the main thing is just to fulfill the wagering requirements. To better understand what freespins are, below will be provided all the information that can help you in this.  

How to use freespins correctly 

The whole answer, why freespins are needed, is hidden right in this word, it is literally, free spins, which are given to the user. Most often you can get them if you register and become a new user of a particular bookmaker. You will have the opportunity to play in some slots without investing any of your funds, so no risk from the game for you simply will not exist. But it is worth noting that like any bonus, freespins have their own restrictions that must be fulfilled. 

For example, some free spins can be given only for a certain time period, and if you do not have time to use them or win back the funds received, you will be left without a win. After the time expires, the freespins will burn out and you will no longer have access to them. 

Another limitation may be the fact that not all slots are authorized to spend freespins in them. When you activate the freespins you will be told where exactly you can use them, however, there are cases when there is only one slot in which you can play, which can be quite unfavorable. 

Also, the cost of freespins always remains fixed and the user will not be able to change it. Payouts as a result of spins are summarized and eventually fall on the bonus balance. You can withdraw this money only after the wagering conditions are met. 

How you can get freespins

In order for the freespins to end up in your gaming account there are several options for getting them. The most common one can be considered as getting freespins after registration. 

All you have to do is fill in the fields with the necessary information, first and last name, phone number, residential address and e-mail address. As soon as you become a registered player you will be credited with free spins. In fact, freespins are a no deposit bonus and you will be able to use them immediately. Some bookmakers sometimes ask you to confirm your email address, phone number or verification process before transferring them. 

Another way to get free spins is through a promo code. In a special field in the player’s personal cabinet you need to enter a certain combination of letters and numbers. All information about promo codes you can find directly on the bookmaker’s page, after which you will be credited with freespins. 

The next opportunity to get free spins will be available to you only if you make your first deposit with a certain amount. Often the amount of the deposit coincides with the number of freespins and the larger the amount you deposit, the more generous bonus you will get. 

Wagering conditions for freespins 

Wagering conditions for freespins 

It is important to realize that freespins are not just a gift that you can withdraw at any time. Free spins have certain wagering conditions that must be met. Below are the most common ones you should be aware of: 

  • Limit. The essence is that the bookmaker does not allow you to win back more than it was prescribed within the betting tolerance. Therefore, the cost of free spins should be rugeliruet not going beyond this range 
  • Wager. In other words, it is simply a multiplier that fixes the amount to be wagered. Assuming that users won 2000, and the multiplier is x20, in order to withdraw the funds that you won need 40.000 so you will not will but have to continue to play for real money. 
  • Term. As stated earlier there is a time limit for which you will need to win back the freespins, if you do not do it, they will be lost and even if you win something, you can not withdraw your winnings. 

If you remember about each of the conditions then freespins will bring you only pleasure and benefit. 

More information about freespins

With any bonus offers and promotions, it is important to remember that they are still given for a reason, but under certain conditions. Sometimes participation in such promotions can not only fail to bring benefits, but also leave the user at a disadvantage, this can be attributed to freespins. Therefore, below is collected a few points that are also worth paying attention to the player, if you want to win without losses 

  • Bonus payouts are credited only to the bonus, not the main one. As long as the promotion is ongoing, or not all freespins used, as well as not met the conditions for wagering the user will not be able to withdraw these funds, even those that can be obtained from the real money of the player. If you do not meet the wagering deadline set by the bookmaker, all this money will be burned.
  • Withdraw only part of the winnings is also an impossible action, the money will be until you win back the amount of the multiplier (wager). 
  • Cashout is prohibited. If the application for withdrawal of funds was submitted before the moment of unscrewing the wager, the bonus will be canceled.

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