Cashback at online casinos

All fans of online gambling entertainment know that any game for money is a certain risk and many consciously go for it, but not everyone fully understands that you can lose really large sums of money and return them will be almost impossible. Why is almost impossible? There is such a concept as a cashback, it is able to compensate for part of what you lost, which can slightly boost morale and give the opportunity to play more games in case you are lucky. Here we will consider all the intricacies of getting a cashback, its advantages, conditions of receipt and important tips that will help you to win back not only the cashback, but also other losses.  

What is a cashback 

If we understand the concept of cashback, it is worth saying that bookmakers were not the pioneers of this bonus system, it was invented and often used in banks, thus stimulating customers to make more purchases. The very essence is that a small percentage of each purchase was returned to the card, which significantly helps to save money. In bookmaker’s offices cashback returns a certain amount of money that was previously lost, which gives the opportunity to play a few more new and let’s say to win even more than was lost, it also increases the bookmaker’s figures for the number of games played, so this bonus program has its own bonuses for both customers and the bookmaker. Now you can meet two types of cashbacks: 

  • Cashback for deposits made. For example, you are offered to deposit a certain amount of money into your account and if you do everything correctly, you will receive a cashback on the amount you deposit. It is worth noting that the larger the amount you deposit the higher the percentage you will receive cashback. 
  • Cashback for losing. As it was said before, if you lose the sum of money in a larger amount than you have invested, the bookmaker will return you some percentage of it to your account. 

Each bookmaker chooses the amount that will be given as a bonus, so you will not find a single figure anywhere and choose only those platforms where cashback offers are really worth it. One important detail, the money goes into the bonus account and requires wagering like any other bonuses. 

How to get cashback on your game account

How to get cashback on your game account

In addition to the fact that the cashback will arrive on your game balance, you, as a player, will need to activate it. There is no single instruction for activation, because each bookmaker sets its own rules and conditions, which you can find on the official page, and in case you have problems with it, just contact the technical support service, they will explain and help you. But there are several main ways to activate the cashback: 


In this case, you will need to go to your personal game cabinet, specify a special promo code, or leave a request for help in technical support. The minus of this method is that most often such a cashback will have certain restrictions on the wagering time, so carefully read the terms and conditions when receiving a cashback. 

Automatic enrollment

There is a cashback that is credited weekly, monthly if the player’s account meets all the criteria of the promotion. And if you are lucky, such a bonus will just automatically pop up on your gambling account. This method also applies to getting cashback for deposit, as soon as you deposit a certain amount of money it will appear on your balance together with the cashback.  

Bookmakers also give the client the opportunity to increase the percentage of return, this opportunity is associated with a loyalty program. Betting in slots, machines and any other gambling entertainment, the player earns points and advances through the levels.  The higher the level, the faster the conditions improve, including an increasing percentage of cashback. 

Cashback wagering conditions 

Since cashback was and always remains a bonus, it has certain wagering conditions just like other promotions and bonus offers. To make it easier for you to familiarize yourself with each of them, below is a table where you can learn more about each of the conditions and understand them in detail. 

Condition Explanation 
Bet LimitThis condition is not too common, but some bookmakers have it. The essence is that the bookmaker designates a certain amount on which you can spin or play in the machines. While you are wagering the bonus you will need to adhere to the specified limit in a mandatory manner. 
Bet Turnover This condition lies in the multiplier (wager), if the player won 500, and the multiplier is x20, you will be able to withdraw the cash winnings only if it will be 10.000.
List of gamesEach bookmaker chooses the games in which you can win back the bonus, most often it is one game or several. To find out which games you can play see the list in the terms and conditions when receiving the bonus, if you can’t find the information, please contact the technical support service. 
Wagering periodYou will have a limited amount of time during which you either have time to wager the bonus, or not.

To win back the cashback is not very difficult if you adhere to the fulfillment of all the conditions, if you realize that you will not be able to fulfill them, then you will simply have the opportunity to refuse to pay the cashback, for this just form a refusal in your personal cabinet or ask for help from technical support.

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